SeeBeNow is a lifestyle yoga platform dedicated to connecting users to their mind, body and self through carefully curated, high quality videos. Users are able to immerse themselves in an experience that they can take from the mat into their everyday life.

iOS Development
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Responsive Web
E-Commerce Dev
Looking to grow their digital platform, SeeBeNow tasked us with rebuilding their existing infrastructure and website, while also developing their iOS app from the ground up. Majestyk worked with the SeeBeNow team to bring their designs to life. We implemented their ideas in an agile fashion to ensure that the platforms functioned and appeared the way they envisioned. We used a combination of Stripe and Apple’s In App Purchases to architect a subscription based platform that could run on both their app and website. SeeBeNow is seeing consistent month over month growth as we continue to iterate and build upon the platform based on user feedback and analytics.

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