​Healthy, happy and engaged employees are central to any business. But it takes a long term commitment to be able to have a positive impact on employee health.

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LifeDojo translates decades of science research and proven methodologies into the business environment. As a wellbeing platform, they offer individualized wellness programs that lead to higher participation rates, stronger employee engagement and overall better business outcomes overall for any organization. By alleviating the stress of launching a comprehensive wellness solution, they allow employers to focus on what is important and clear the path towards success.

The LifeDojo platform is comprised of two digital touchpoints - a web and mobile app for end users and for the LifeDojo coaches. Employees at organizations like AirBnb, Goodyear and Sodexo use the platform to complete 12 week programs that improve their daily habits.

The Majestyk team spent time reviewing LifeDojo’s API documentation to be able to make recommendations and set the web and mobile app development plan with the LifeDojo team. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in optimizing applications for consumer consumption, the Majestyk team designed and constructed the front-end technology necessary to read LifeDojo’s API to display relevant information in a way that was easy for users to read and understand. The app features include push notifications, real-time messaging,  VoIP phone service and a robust booking system.

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