Ryng Labs is a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) management and communications company. From simplifying the complexity of phone systems to reaching customers through SMS marketing, Ryng delivers easy-to-use solutions designed to keep you connected both inside and outside the organization.

iOS Development
Technical Consulting
Ryng is transforming the way small business owners stay connected through web and mobile applications. Ryng approached Majestyk with an existing web app with the goal of creating a more mobile-centric solution. They needed a partner to design and integrate their backend technology into an iOS app.

The Majestyk team spent time reviewing Ryng’s API documentation and existing infrastructure to create a plan on how they’d approach the project. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in optimizing applications for consumer consumption, the Majestyk team designed and constructed an iOS app which read Ryng’s API to display relevant information in a way that was easy for users to read and understand. The app featured Apple’s CallKit and PushKit API’s which were used to create the VoIP experience.

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