Prestige Mills

For 75 years, Prestige Mills has provided custom service for the interior design professional. They are a mecca of inspiration demanding the highest quality, coloration and authenticity, offering an entirely new concept in home furnishing to the discriminating designer.

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Discovery & Ideation
UX Design
UI Design
Information Architecture
Creative Direction
As an exclusive distributor of goods in North America and the UK, Prestige Mills sought to bring its brand into the 21st century. Synonymous with excellence in the wholesale carpet industry, Prestige Mills specializes in the creation of unique designs in “Old-World’ weaving techniques. Majestyk’s goal was to bridge the gap between the tech savvy consumer and an industry marked by tradition and age.

Coupled with our expertise and ability to push the limits of design and technology, we overhauled Prestige Mill’s digital presence through a fully responsive website redesign. After extensive interviews and user testing, we identified the pain points that needed to be addressed and structured a page hierarchy that provided Prestige with an updated look while still remaining true to the brand.

For consumers, the new site offers a fresh take on Prestige’s old-world luxurious classics.  For dealers and agents, a custom B2B focused dashboard propelled a system previously centered around faxes and phone calls into a new age. The integrated site allowed almost all business transactions to be done in real-time online.

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