Lucktastic offers users innovative promotions, rewards and instant winning experiences through casual, mobile games on iOS and Android. They have pioneered the mobile gaming category offering real world rewards and personalized offers.

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In addition to helping manage their backend platform, Lucktastic challenged Majestyk with developing a secondary featured game — supplementing their already widely popular scratch-off game – that would help keep their users actively engaged. Working closely with the Lucktastic team, we concepted a number of games that would work within their existing infrastructure while capturing the behavioral aspects of their target audience. 

Our services were two fold from a user experience perspective. We redesigned and added to their platform to give a more appealing experience with more varied content for the user to consume. We also approached user experience from a deep technical perspective helping the system scale and efficiently support a massive and engaged user base. The goal was to get each user to come back daily. 

The biggest challenge with the Lucktastic platform was supporting their massive user base. We redesigned and relaunched several platforms to give users a better mobile experience and provided development support to help scale the system. Their systems now has over 1 million downloads on Android alone!

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