Chapter enables you to share your knowledge, experience and beliefs through a series of video interviews. It is much more than a social networking app. It is a community that thrives on enthusiasts who are willing to share their passion with others.

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Anyone who has ever created a YouTube video, written a blog, or tried to get someone to join a cause online knows that simply sending out a request does not guarantee results. Aiming to build communities around shared interests, Chapter sought help with developing a unique user experience that brings like-minded individuals together.

Our goal was to take the Chapter vision and develop it into a social platform where users could share engaging video content – consolidating the vast array of sharing possibilities a user has into one experience they will continue to use. The ethos guiding our work revolved around the idea that the best way to learn anything is through story and through the power of story you could easily start your next chapter.

Through a comprehensive series of journey mapping and wireframing, we developed an infrastructure and platform that allows users to easily share organic video content. The distinct interview format of the content allows users to tell a story and explain what makes them unique with the purpose of inspiring, motivating and educating others.

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