BranG Entertainment

BranG Entertainment is the premier specialist in talent bookings, events planning, VIP travel and production. Founded by Brandon Georger, the consultancy focusses on developing strategic collaborations and events with some of today's biggest talent and international brands.

UI Design
Visual Design
Information Architecture
Creative Direction
Collateral Support
Responsive Web
​Boasting a portfolio of clients that have included the likes of Lady Gaga, Eminem, Justin Beiber, and more, BranG is in the collaborative pursuit of bringing artists to the next level within the industry. As a young and budding business, BranG sought to solidify itself as a company through the development of its brand and digital presence.

Majestyk was tasked with redesigning the brand identity for the company while simultaneously developing its website. With a desire to maintain an air of exclusivity and mystery, we successfully collaborated with the BranG team to turnaround a branding system and website within a month.

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