We take the time to learn about your brand and understand your vision as if it were our own.

While it may sound counter-intuitive, moving too fast too soon can hinder true innovation. Taking the time to properly understand objectives, barriers, user needs and market conditions allows for better organizational alignment and sets you on the right track upfront. Our team works to develop a holistic strategy that combine insights discovered, with your business objectives – achieved through a series of different methodologies.

Discovery & Research

We begin all engagements with our Discovery process. Here we take the time to better understand your business, brand, vision and product. Through comprehensive research we garner insights regarding the current market landscape, target audiences, competitors, differentiators and overall alignment of goals. Discovery lays the groundwork for everything we do moving forward. It will inform key decision making in further stages while also allowing us to make informed recommendations for the subsequent phase: Execution.

User Strategy

Research and data will uncover insights but we like to highlight the needs of our users. As advocates and experts of user centric design, we believe in getting user feedback as early as possible to help better shape our digital recommendations and avoid faulty assumptions. Interviewing key stakeholders, current users and prospective users allows us to understand the different perspectives that will define how the final product gets used.

Opportunity Analysis

Analyzing the market and potential competitors allows us to see how your product fits within the digital landscape. Our Innovation process is aimed at not only laying the foundation but also making sure you stand apart. Refining your desired feature set while also identifying unique opportunities allows us to both validate concepts and define potential future iterations of what your product could be.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is the culmination of all the work done in our Innovation phase. With a thorough understanding of your business, user needs and the experience we want to create, our team of digital experts will provide you with a tailored solution to meet your business objectives. Deliverables include product roadmaps, recommended feature sets, user journeys, user flows, site maps and personas. The Strategic Plan is about setting you up for success and providing creative solutions to your challenges. A successful engagement with us is not just about launching a product, but delivering on your broader goals and setting you up for long-term growth.
Majestyk did a great job and quickly understood our business. We’ve worked with other agencies from outside our industry that never understood our aims, even by the end of the projects.

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