We have the ability to take complex ideas and transform them into user-friendly systems.

We craft comprehensive, purpose-driven solutions while innovating strategies, processes and experiences. For us, executing digital innovation is about working fast and working smart. Our award-winning designs get developed with the latest technologies to create the right solution for you. We are a team of experts that have the know-how to build a product every step of the way. And we’ll work collaboratively with you from Discovery to Deployment towards a business transformation driven by technology.

User Experience

Wireframes are the initial visualization of your product. They allow us to grasp functionality, user flow and content layout in a black and white representation. These are not designs but blueprints that define screen structure and hierarchy for all of the different elements. Easy to manipulate, the wireframe phase is highly collaborative and the phase in which we optimize user experience and flush out feature set considerations.

User Interface

Our award-winning designs meet functionality to bring your vision to life. Through the creation of a consistent visual language, our design strategy optimizes ease of use and reinforces intuitive behaviors within the user experience. Well versed in all mediums our designers can deliver a suite of holistic visual solutions to your brand.

Technical Annotations

As an intermediary step between design and development, this phase ensures our development team captures the full product vision designed by creative. Annotated documents outline the full product features, their functionalities and how the product reacts to stimuli from the users. This includes specifications on items such as flows, hover states, active states, gesturing, etc.


Your product needs a stable architecture that can scale as quickly as you do. Our strategic team spends the time to determine the perfect technology stack. From there we design the product architecture with efficiency, stability and longevity in mind. Our development decisions are based on market and product variables allowing us to deliver technology appropriate solutions.

Quality Assurance

We will put your application through a battery of tests to ensure that it is ready for prime time. Instead of relying on the pristine conditions of lab testing, we takes our tests into the real world and performs them on real devices instead of emulators. Our testing ensures the application works on iOS, Android and Windows platforms, on a range of devices, and even on outdated software so every user can enjoy a seamless experience.

Production & Deployment

Upon completion we’ll work with your team to submit your product to the appropriate platforms and guide you through their respective review processes. We will ensure your backend infrastructure is setup for production and ready for incoming traffic from your customers.
I have worked with a lot of development teams and Majestyk truly stood out. They are clear and organized.

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