You Like Us, You Really Like Us

You Like Us, You Really Like Us

We're firm believers in letting our work speak for itself but it never hurts to get a little ego snack. Getting positive feedback from clients helps boost company morale and can be a well needed reminder that we're on the right track. As a studio dedicated to constantly pushing the envelope in digital innovation it's easy for us to jump from one project to the next without taking the time to reflect back.

Last year we had the good fortune of being named a Top NYC Mobile Development Company by Clutch, a D.C. based ratings and review platform that examines thousands of companies on a number of different criteria. While that’s reason enough to celebrate, it was the client feedback we got that gave us the feels.

So in the spirit of reflection, and before the year starts getting away from us, we’re just going to leave these here:

“The communication process has been very smooth on both sides, in terms of what we were looking to get out of the engagement and how we could continue it, moving forward and launching the site. Majestyk's team is fast in delivering results, and they're very specific in the documentation given to us. This has made it very easy to work with Majestyk over the last few months.” 

Dan Millman, Owner, Meadowbrook Day Camp

“Majestyk performed great, doing a lot of research on the work. I have nothing but rave reviews.” 

Derek Blume, Co-Founder & CEO, TripSafe

“I liked having the ability to give them as much or as little direction as I wanted. Majestyk went with exactly what we said when we knew what we were doing, but when we needed council, they took the driver's seat. It never felt like Majestyk was pushing us in a certain direction when we didn't want that. Using Majestyk was a positive experience for me, and I appreciated their flexibility.” 

Digital Design Director, Integrated Marketing Communications Agency

A big shout out again to Clutch for the honor and for taking the time to reach out to our previous clients for such candid feedback. Cheers to you, now on to the next!

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