Podcast Roundup: Gain Some Knowledge

Podcast Roundup: Gain Some Knowledge

In my post, Cultivating a Growth Mindset, I pointed out that staying on track is a daily practice. Feed your mind on a consistent basis and it will grow. So download a podcast app, get on your commute and feed your brain on the way.

Below are some of my favorite "general knowledge" podcasts that are great if you're new to the media. Stay tuned for Part 2 as we take a deeper dive into podcasts that explore our favorite subject, The Internet.

TED Radio Hour by NPR

If you like TED Talks, I guarantee you’ll love this podcast. In each episode, host Guy Raz curates a collection of TED experts around a common theme. He first plays selected clips from the TED Talks themselves. Following each clip, he interviews the TED expert to take a deeper dive into their work. It’s like a free backstage pass to one the most coveted conferences in the world.

Freakonomics by WNYC

Did you love economics class in school? Don't worry, I didn't either. With the tagline of "The Hidden Side of Everything", host Stephen Dubner brings life to one of our least favorite subjects. He explores the world through the lens of economics and invites experts to weigh in. This podcast will give you a new appreciation for how economics affects everything around us. 

Invisibilia by NPR

After helping to create RadioLab and This American Life, Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel went on to start their own show. Invisibilia explores the invisible forces that affect how we behave. The seasoned storytellers weave guest anecdotes and scientific research into beautiful stories. Can people's expectations change whether a blind person can see? Listen to episode 3, How To Become Batman, to find out!

Hidden Brain by NPR

While Invisibilia explores invisible forces around us, Hidden Brain examines invisible forces within ourselves. Shankar Vedantam, author of Hidden Brain, looks into how our unconscious mind controls behavior. He presents the listener with social science research through a variety of fascinating topics. The takeaway is actionable tips on how to apply your newfound knowledge.

Surprisingly Awesome by Gimlet Media

Film buffs might be familiar with Adam Mckay, Oscar winner and director of The Big Short. Podcast buffs might know of Adam Davidson, co-creator of NPR’s Planet Money. This is a lighthearted podcast where the two Adams team up. They choose seemingly boring subjects and challenge each other to make it interesting. Mold, concrete and interest rates are just a few topics they show in a new light.

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