Podcast Roundup: Dreamers and Doers

Podcast Roundup: Dreamers and Doers

By now, I hope you’ve Gained Some Knowledge, and Explored the Internet. What’s next for an ambitious self-starting individual like you?

In Part 3: Dreamers and Doers, I introduce the podcasts that keep me focused on stepping up my game. If there’s something you aspire to achieve, take a listen to add fuel to your fire. These podcasts are not only inspirational and instructional. They give insight into how some of our world’s brightest minds think.

Startup by Gimlet

Alex Blumberg is a radio journalist I’ve admired since he produced This American Life and hosted Planet Money. He now runs his own podcast network, Gimlet Media, which is home to some of my favorite shows. Startup chronicles both his successes and missteps in launching his own company. The masterful storyteller shows what it’s like to start a new business. But it’s not just about the business. Sometimes it’s about learning from an embarrassing failed pitch. At other times, it's about tough conversations he has to have with his wife. Season 2 and 3 turns the recorder towards other companies such as Grooveshark. No matter what business it is, the struggle to succeed always feels human and relatable.

The Tim Ferriss Show 

Arnold Schwartzenegger, Tony Robbins, and Jamie Foxx are just a few of the incredible guests Tim Ferriss has interviewed on his podcast. This author, famous for the “4 Hour Workweek”, has built his career on self-optimization. His podcast focuses on “deconstructing world-class performers” and it delivers on that promise. Need tips on investing? He’s got it covered with Naval Ravikant and Chris Sacca. Want cultivate your creativity? Try Amanda Palmer and Rick Rubin. Looking to reach your peak physical self? There’s Pavel Tsatsouline and Charles Poliquin. He’s got an interview to inspire and learn from, no matter what area in life you want to develop.

Seth Godin’s Startup School by Earwolf

So you want to start your own business or pick up more marketing skills? Take some advice from the man known as the “ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age” and the “godfather of modern marketing”.  With 18 books and 2 TED talks, Seth Godin is the public speaker you want to hear whenever you're in need of a pep talk. In this podcast, he brings his school to you. The full "course" is only 15 episodes. Get a sneak peek into his class for entrepreneurs with this free audio workshop.

The James Altucher Show

Writer, trader, investor, entrepreneur, and podcaster? If you're looking for the person who has done it all, lost it all and then gained it back, James Altucher is the one. His weekly podcast has released close to 200 episodes. Most are interviews with entrepreneurs, celebrities, comedians, and public figures. Other episodes chronicle his personal experiences, such as finding joy through minimalism. His humble approach towards learning about life always feels honest and personal. Whether you agree with him or not, there's always a few takeaways to be had from his wisdom.

Think Again by Big Think / Panoply

 Interviews are better when you ask unexpected questions. This is the basis for Think Again, where host Jason Gots engages his guests in spontaneous talks.  Influential interviewees span from Bill Nye to Jane McGonigal to George Takei. Unlike the other podcasts in the roundup, this show is not about giving practical advice. Instead, it's a challenge for you to flex your imagination and think about possibilities. Sometimes finding the right answer is about asking the right questions. Hopefully this podcast will inspire you to think of questions you have not considered asking before!


Other notable podcasts:

How I Built This 
People share the stories behind how their [fill in the blank] came to be. Hosted by Guy Raz of Ted Radio Hour.

The Pitch
Enjoy a more-realistic version of ABC’s Shark Tank in podcast form.

What It Takes by Academy of Achievement
Sample some rare interviews recorded by The Academy of Achievement. They’ve been recording leaders, visionaries, and pioneers since 1961.

If a podcast can be judged by the number of episodes it’s released, this one takes the cake. 1300+ and counting!

Stay tuned as we talk shop for the next podcast roundup. To the designers, developers and the aspiring, this one will be for you!

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