Network and energy efficient mobile applications

Network and energy efficient mobile applications

You have a great idea for a mobile app and you have thought about how everything should work. You look for a developer and behold you find one with a rate that’s too good to pass. What you don’t realize is, with a few clicks on the web any knowledgeable developer can now create mobile apps, but is every developer creating network and energy efficient applications.

In the mobile app world you usually get one shot to get your idea to the consumer. Any slight deficiency in performance may result in you losing the window of opportunity to create a successful application.

At Majestyk Apps our goal is to create network and energy efficient apps for our clients. We believe that every developer should, at minimum implement the following techniques / technologies:

Push Notifications

Some developers create applications that constantly poll the server for new information. This may seem not to be an issue for someone with unlimited mobile data but it is not a good technique as it drains the device’s battery. An energy and network efficient solution is to implement push notifications. The device will know when data is available and acts accordingly. Developers can use Google Cloud Messaging, a free service to handle data pushing from servers.


Another technique is implementing caching in mobile apps. This allows the system to serve some requests from the cache. This allows for efficient data usage as well as makes the applications faster by eliminating requests to the server.

These are not the only techniques needed to create network and energy efficient applications.

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