My Majestyk Internship

My Majestyk Internship

There’s something undeniably terrifying about joining internships, no matter where it is.  I mean, take my case: an english major joining a tech startup. That’s about as unlikely as Brazil getting knocked out of the World Cup early ––– oh wait. That did happen. Never mind that, then.

I’ve been here for a full month now, and Majestyk has taught me something that I’m confident that not many work environments could: that options in life are wholly unlimited. Here, I’ve learned and taken on several projects that I would never have dreamed of attempting a couple years back. I’ve taken the helm of social media campaigns, done research on competitors and clients, and most importantly, had the opportunity to break my own boundaries. After all, I hold the position of the ‘Social Media & Marketing Intern’.

It’s a position I take pride in holding. Not just because it sounds pretty impressive. That’s not even half of it. Working here at Majestyk has given me exposure to an active, close-knit work environment, and a constantly changing roster of tasks that always keep me on my toes with research, content creation, and more. It’s more than an internship you’ll take for granted and forget along the long road of what’s about to be the rest of your life. It keeps you involved, active, and encourages you to evolve beyond boundaries, and grasp opportunity.

As I head into the second half of my internship, I’m looking forward gaining more insight into the professional world, as well as continuing to learn how to grow as a member of a team.

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