My Majestyk Internship

My Majestyk Internship

Working here has pushed me out of my comfort zone, whether it’s not being afraid to give your opinion or to believe in your ideas. So I thought learning a little from the people who have worked here much longer than I have, would give me some invaluable lessons. As part of my last day at Majestyk, I asked everyone in the office to give me one piece of advice that has helped them most in their career. 

"Fake it until you make it.”

Jade Ng, UX Designer

"When something scares you, that means it’s worth it.”

Mark Garcia, Vice President, Creative

"If you’re interested in something go learn about it, there’s nothing wrong with being an amateur, if you want to be good at something the only variable to worry about is how much time you’ve spent learning.”

Kevin, iOS Developer

"Never settle.”

Ben Hoopes, Head of Business Development

Majestyk was a great place to learn some of these lessons. I was constantly thrown tasks involving different industries, so I never felt like there wasn’t anything new to learn.The brainstorms were a great place to be creative and not be scared to contribute. And working so close to everyone allowed me to learn more about what they do at Majestyk, which would not be possible at many companies.

It was interesting hearing what everyone gave as their advice. Not only did it give me a little insight into their experiences, but it showed me how I can take what I learned here and use it in the future. After my time at Majestyk, my biggest piece of advice would be:


“Be the best version of yourself and someone will notice”

Isa, Summer Business Development Intern

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