My First 30 Days

My First 30 Days

I have many passions in life that get me out of the bed in the morning. However, it isn't an everyday opportunity to get to live that passion professionally. My ultimate goal in life is to get into the industry of sports marketing. When I applied to Majestyk, I only had a small idea as to what exactly a “Social Media & Marketing’ internship entailed. So on my first day in-office, I was met by Mark García, who informed me that not only would I be doing basic social media, but that if I found something that thoroughly intrigued me, I could pursue it.

Since then, I have been exposed to many new social media concepts. I have also had multiple opportunities where I’ve been able to apply my sports knowledge and knowhow to the social media output of Majestyk. There aren’t many feelings better than when you feel like what you’re doing actually matters.

This internship is different. 

I have had several great internships in the past. But I have never been granted responsibility like I have at Majestyk. There is something that feels good about responsibility, a certain type of respect and trust. I felt that feeling, a week into coming into the office, already being tasked to write copy for social media. It has only got better from there. As the weeks go by I am given more and more responsibility, making me even more comfortable with the work that I’m doing. At Majestyk, I feel that I am benefiting  from my experience but at the same time, also bettering the company as well. In the realm of internships, there really isn’t a better outcome.

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