Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Each week, team Majestyk gets together and shares some of our favorite things with one another. Now we're sharing them with you: 

Rich Kids

We introduce you to Rich Kids – the self-proclaimed “world’s most exclusive social network.” The platform aspires to provide affluent millennials a truly exclusive social platform unfettered by, well … regular people. Itching to stand out? You can sign up for free to view content but only members willing to pay the hefty $1,000 per month membership fee can post content. Best worst idea ever? We won’t hold our breath.

The Basetrip

Frequent flyer? Your life just got easier. If you’ve ever traveled outside the country and found yourself scrambling to find out what type of electrical plugs they use, local currency, or general weather conditions – we’ve got you covered. The Basetrip will give you travel details on countries all over the world.

I Dare You to Build

Need something to spark your next creative idea? Have some time to kill? Head on over to I Dare You to Build, a website dedicated to just that: daring you to build something epic. Some of the ideas are outright crazy, others are actually feasible. But all in all, it will be sure to spark something!

Emotions of Sound

Does the sound of a cooing baby make you smile or give you unbearable anxiety? We plead the 5th. You can see how your reactions to certain sounds stack up against other people over at Emotions of Sound.


DYI iOT (L-M-N-O-P)! Have you ever had a small but irritating inconveniences you wanted to solve or fun creative ideas to unleash? Check out MODI, the world’s first “Robotics of Things” platform that allows anyone to create iOT and robotic devices themselves. Simply connect a series of modules and control your creation from your mobile device. It’s really a lot cooler than we’re making it sound. Trust us.


Jetting off? Tell everyone with a playlist inspired by your destination. Created by Spotify, OOO sure beats your standard out of office message.

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