Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Each week, team Majestyk gets together and shares some of our favorite things with one another. Now we're sharing them with you: 

Unroll Me

Do you remember signing up for that newsletter? Probably not. Unroll Me makes unsubscribing from unwanted email blasts a cinch and organizes all the emails you DO want to receive into one digest email. Say hello to a junk free inbox. You’re welcome.

One Tab

If you’re anything like us, you probably have way too many browser tabs open to keep track of.  If closing any of them out seems too heartbreaking, consolidate all of them into one and easily view the pages you need with OneTab.

Wonder Bot

Forgetful? Text Wonder Bot anything you want to remember and it will remind you the next time you ask


The folks over at MIT Media Lab are really pulling out all the stops. Wearables step aside and say hello to  DuoSkin – the temporary tattoos that allow you to use your own skin to control your mobile devices.

Emoji Tracker

Track what emojis are being used on Twitter in real-time with Emoji Tracker. Every time an emoji is used it flashes up the Emoji Tracker grid for a pretty novel way to see what’s trending and the ridiculous pace people over the world are tweeting at. Be warned, the flashing grid is borderline seizure inducing. (seriously)

Make It Stranger

If you’re still reeling over one of this past summer’s biggest hits, we’ve got you. Make It Stranger let’s you make your own custom logo in the now iconic Stranger Thing’s typeface. Strangify now!

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