Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Each week, team Majestyk gets together and shares some of our favorite things with one another. Now we're sharing them with you: 

Small Victories

Small Victories takes files in a Dropbox folder and turns them into a website. No CMS, no installation, no server and no coding required.

Grab Magic

Reach out to your TV and grab the current screen in your hand then transfer it to your phone by tapping its screen. Magic! This was a Kinect hack and not actually available to the public, which makes us want it even more.


The latest from Google. A keyboard app that lets you search and send information, GIFs, emojis and more – right from your keyboard.


A geolocative photo sharing app that allows pictures to be placed and viewed in the exact location they were captured. Think augmented reality meets time traveling. Currently in Private Beta.

Shallow IxD

Never heard of it? Neither did we. Shallow IxD is a collection of design principles that promote brief, surface-level technology interactions. They are patterns and features in design that reinforce positive social behaviors, like paying attention to the people around you. Cause we all know we could do more of that.

Issue Voter

New laws are passed every week. IssueVoter alerts you to when issues you care about are up for vote, and with one click, instantly send your opinion to your representative. The kicker, simple but sleek graphics that let you see how you’re making a difference.

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