Collaborative Culture: My First Exposure to Startup Life

Collaborative Culture: My First Exposure to Startup Life

“Most employees don’t come in until around 10am.” 

Oh...that’s interesting, actually. My first internship was in a corporate environment - I needed to be in at 9am sharp. Here, there is writing all over the walls here and an an open floor space with no more than one office. This is a place for ideas to flourish and to work together. Also, everyone brings their dogs in so that’s pretty cool. This was my first exposure to startup life.

Majestyk is a workplace where as an intern, I am not just filing copies and fetching coffee. I have a sense of belonging here. I am given meaningful projects, which I then see being implemented by the company. It is enriching to be able to see the fruits of my labor. As a marketing intern, I naturally wanted to learn as much as I could and enhance my ability to market products with positive results on the company. Marketing is all about creativity, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

An internship at a start up enables you to learn in a close-knit, family oriented setting where the people actually care about your well-being. I was able to not just learn about digital marketing, but actually work on and implement a new digital marketing strategy for the company. My experience at Majestyk has been exactly what an internship should be: a place to learn, a place to ask questions, and an experience that I will take with me throughout the rest of my professional career.

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