Building Your Social Empire

Building Your Social Empire

It was about a year ago that someone told me I should treat my social media accounts like a portfolio; specifically instagram. Be consistent, follow brand guidelines and maintain your brand heritage no matter what. Have you ever realized why bloggers are so successful with their following? They have one central focus for their brand whether it be fashion, lifestyle, travel, etc; they find their target audience and maintain interest on a daily basis. Building a brand can be tough, but social media has opened up so many possible ways of connecting with your target audience.

Some important rules I’ve learned that will help build and maintain your brand on instagram:

Be Consistent With Your Campaign 

To maintain a following and keep them engaged in your brand, post around the same time on the same days. Social media is used in a habitual manner, so if you’ve already reached a user, you’re most likely going to maintain that users loyalty if you continue posting branded content on a consistent basis.

Focus On What Matters 

In the moment, pictures are great, but if you’re trying to build a brand, think before you post. Social Media has made it so easy for us to share, that we do it without even thinking sometimes. Take a second, review your pictures, and make sure they’re not blurry; but more importantly, make sure they fall within your brand guidelines.

Create Your Own Hashtag 

Yes, we all like to overuse hashtags so we get recognized by new users, but to be honest, who’s going to recognize your selfie hashtagged “#nyc” when there’s 56 million other photos archived under that hashtag? I’m not saying it can’t help, but no one likes a simpleton; so stand out and be different. Have a tech picture you want to post? Does it just so happen to be Tuesday?? Why not hashtag your photo #TechTuesdays. It’s not about getting the most likes but more so about being creative and putting a little bit of your brand into your posts to create an overall heritage that reveals who you are. If what you represent matters and makes an impact, everything will fall into place. With a creative brand and proper marketing, you’ll be sure to make your social media posts something your followers won’t want to miss.  

A Little Editing Goes A Long Way 

I can’t express this enough, but edit, edit, edit! I’ve learned that editing pictures heightens the memory. It brings out certain features of a photo that normally would blend in if unedited. Some tips for a more successful social campaign:

  • Sharpen your images.
  • Use the structure tool, but not too much; just a little.
  • Crop your image to make it more visually appealing!
  • Add some color!! Use the saturation tool, but try to stay within realistic boundaries. We all love colorful pictures, but too much color starts to look a little fake. Remember, your life isn’t any more colorful than anyone else's.
  • Most importantly, make sure it’s straight! Unless you’re purposely making the image crooked for creative reasons.
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