A Brand New Look for Our Bold Vision

A Brand New Look for Our Bold Vision

As a client-service agency we’ve always been focused on taking care of our clients but every now and then you have to do something for yourself. As the agency turns 4 this year we wanted to do something big. Something that both excited and scared the living hell out of us – rebrand.

The unveiling of our new identity signifies a huge milestone for the agency and heralds a series of captivating evolutions the brand will undergo over the course of the year. If you work with us, don’t worry we’re not going anywhere. In fact, going under the knife may have been the best thing to happen since sliced bread (see what we did there).

Our new brand represents a vision of the future and pays homage to our past.

While our old identity did the trick it didn’t fully encapsulate what we were capable of – as individuals, as a team or as an agency. We are so much than just a development shop and we wanted our brand to convey that. As our agency vision evolved, a rebrand was not a matter of “if” but “when.” That time is now.

What’s new:

  • A new brand identity and logo
  • Professional photography, expert typography, new iconography and just about every other “graphy” and visual goodness you can imagine
  • Updated social media channels

What’s new on our site:

  • Expanded information on the services we offer
  • Showcase of our favorite projects
  • Highlighting the creative minds behind majestyk
  • Insights into our daily life, struggles and expertise via our new blog



Anyone in the creative industry can attest to the fact that doing work for yourself can be more difficult than working with your most difficult client. You suddenly become much harder to please and everything you do just doesn’t seem quite right. We know how hard the creative process is because we’ve been there – we get it. The process to get us to this point was long and arduous but we’re thrilled to have finally arrived.

As we embark on the rest of our journey we hope you enjoy the work we’ve done, while we continue to imagine the things we can do.

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