6 Eco-Friendly Apps for Earth Day

6 Eco-Friendly Apps for Earth Day

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The 3 R's of recycling have been around for ages as basic tenets for living an eco-friendly life. But going green can be a lot more fun and interactive than that. From tracking your carbon footprint to making small conscious eco-friendly choices every day, this roundup of apps will help you use tech to make our earth a better place. Earth day can be every day so go ahead and live your best (green) life!

Forest App: Stay Focused


Do you ever feel like you’re not doing enough for the environment? With Forest you can do something for yourself while you contribute to helping the environment. Forest helps you stay productive by planting a virtual tree and eventually watching your forest thrive. Earn coins in the app, use them and the team at Forest orders for trees to be planted, Stay Focused!

EcoDice for your daily eco-action

Eco Dice

Let Eco Dice help you on your journey to lessening your carbon footprint. Eco Dice helps make you more eco-friendly one choice at a time. Simply roll the dice and start your environment-conscious lifestyle today.

Recycle Nation App

Recycle Nation

Do you want to recycle but never know where you can? Recycle Nation does that for you, all on your phone. Type in your area code and find all of the closest recycling centers near you, Recycle Lifestyle!

Carbon - Know Your Footprint


Answer questions about your everyday life tasks and actions for your unique carbon score. This is determined by various different aspects from what type of power plants are used in your neighborhood to the gas emissions your car release. Find out how big your carbon footprint is with Carbon App.

WWF Together

WWF Together

Getting close to amazing and endangered animals is quite difficult. WWF Together is an app that helps resolve that problem by letting you get as close as you want. Go head to head with a Jaguar in a speed race or flap your wings like a butterfly. WWF Together helps you realize how important all animals are.



Getting those pesky envelopes and ads in the mail that you never open and just end up in the trash. PaperKarma realized this issue and its effects on the environment. Take a picture of your junk mail, upload it and PaperKarma will unsubscribe you.

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